Purchase made Points Collected Discount on next purchase, or Gifts Redeemable (items from website)
RM 100,000 2000 7% RM 2000 worth of items
RM 70,000 1500 5% RM 1500 worth of items
RM 50,000 1000 5% RM 1000 worth of items
RM 40,000 700 4% RM 700 worth of items
RM 30,000 500 3% RM 500 worth of items
RM 20,000 350 3% RM 350 worth of items
RM 10,000 300 3% RM 300 worth of items
RM 5,000 200 2% RM 200 worth of items



'Purchase made' refers to total purchase made till to date or full amount per purchase

'Points collected' refers to points so far accumulated over a series of purchase or one off purchase.
These points will be 'null and void' , if the purchaser did not return to purchase further within a year.
Therefore, the points will not be carried forward. The cut off period will be from Jan-Dec of the year.

'Discount on next purchase' or 'Redeemable Gifts (from website) means, the purchaser may consider
for a discount on next coming purchase OR just redeem for some gifts of the worth mentioned in the
table. This exchange shall be considered only within one calendar period. The total points from
Jan-Dec shall be redeemed before 31st December of the said year.

Purchaser shall provide us with the proof of purchase, in order to qualify for the rewards.